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When the word ‘Auto Trade’ is mentioned in Haryana the name strikes is ‘Vipin Motors Pvt. Ltd.’ became of the service & customer satisfaction is our motto.Under the leadership of Mr. Naresh Kumar Jindal and his vision for the past 20 years, we have been able to build a trust and loyal relationship with our esteemed customers of Tata.

We believe in employee & customer satisfaction so that we are well equipped to handle the growing customer base, changing technology and the professionalism which is expected from us.

Our major area of operations is sales, service & spares.
Dealing in SCV: Ace, Intra, Yodha, ILCV: 709 G, 710, 1112, 1109G, 1512, 1512 G & 407 pick up.

Tata passenger, Tata winger, Tata magic & all buses.
Presently we have dealerships in Hisar, Fatehabad, Hansi, Sirsa & Tohana, and with your support will have more centres to serve you.

Categories We Work On


Small Commercial Vehicles like Ace, Intra, Yodha and many others similar.


Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicles like 709 G, 710, 1112, 1109G, 1512, 1512 G & 407 pick up.

Tata Passenger

Buses by Tata Passenger and others like Tata Winger, Tata magic & All Other Buses.

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